Say Goodbye to Bloating With These Refreshing Herbal Teas

Bloating is a common problem that affects about 20-30 per cent of the human population, according to healthline magazine. If you often find your stomach swollen and feel an uncomfortable tightness in the lower abdomen area, you might be suffering from bloating. Although bloating is a common phenomenon among menstruating women, this health condition can also be induced by gas problems, indigestion, constipation, food sensitivities, and even certain infections. One of the best ways to reduce bloating is by consuming herbal tea. Here is a list of some herbal teas that you must try if you want to relieve yourself from bloating.

Peppermint tea:

One of the best herbal teas found in the market is peppermint. Enriched with the goodness of flavonoids or plant compounds, peppermint tea is known to reduce digestive problems. Further, the refreshing flavour makes you feel reinvigorated from the first sip itself. It is also a great way to curb intestinal cramps.

Ginger tea

You must be aware that ginger tea is the best medicine when you catch a cold. The same applies to bloating. Yes, Ginger tea is filled with a special compound called gingerols which enables emptying the stomach after you have had a heavy meal. It also ceases stomach aches along with digestive issues, bloating, and gas.

Lemon Tea

You will be highly mistaken to think that lemon tea only helps in reducing weight. Besides having an amazing fragrance, lemon tea also reduced bloating significantly. A few drops of lemon in your tea will improve your lifestyle for the better. And if you suffer from bad digestion and constipation, consider lemon tea as your saviour.

Chamomile tea

If the name Chamomile tea sounds fancy, then its marvelous effects are like magic. This beverage has umpteen advantages. From promoting a good night’s sleep to night owls to relieving the abdominal pain that comes from bloating, Chamomile tea is the best natural remedy for such problems.

Fennel Tea

Add fennel seeds to your grocery list if you have not already. One of the best Indian spices for cooling the body naturally and providing healthy digestion, fennel seed, or saunf is the best solution to any digestive issue including bloating. All you need to do is add some fennel seeds in boiling water and realize how it slowly takes away all those painful cramps, leaving you not feeling gassy anymore.