Thatchers to sue Aldi and demand £500,000 for ‘intentionally mimicking’ Cloudy Cider

Thatchers have become the latest company to launch legal action against supermarket chain Aldi.

The Somerset cider makers claim Aldi have ripped off their popular Cloudy Lemon Cider and are suing.

Aldi’s Taurus Cloudy Cider Lemon ‘intentionally mimics’ their product, they have stated.

Thatchers have lodged papers with the High Court in London asking for an injunction which stops them from selling its Taurus Lemon Cider brand.

They are also asking for at least £500,000 in damages, it has been reported.

Lawyers claim the design on Aldi’s £3.99 four-pack appears “highly similar” to Thatchers’ “zingy and refreshing” product, which sells for around £5.75.

They also wants a ban on sales of the cans and are trying to force Aldi to destroy all the remaining products.

In the court papers seen by industry publication The Grocer, Thatchers are claiming Aldi has taken ‘unfair advantage’ of its brand reputation.

“The defendant, by its use of the graphics on the Aldi product, seeks to ride on the coattails of the substantial reputation of the trademark in order to benefit from its power of attraction, fame, and/or prestige, and to exploit the marketing effort expended by the claimant,” the court papers say.

Thatchers are claiming consumers ‘could be confused into buying Aldi’s version by mistake, thinking it was Thatchers or is made by Thatchers, because they look so similar, and therefore Thatchers’ reputation could be damaged because when people drink it, it’s not as nice as the real thing’.

The Mirror has contacted Thatchers and Aldi.

It’s the latest legal challenge again Aldi following the M&S’s row over its iconic Colin the Caterpillar cake.

Last year, they took the German supermarket to court over its Light-Up Gin.

Aldi settled a High Court case in 2014 after the Saucy Fish Company complained it was selling products bearing an uncanny resemblance to its own.

Brewery and pub chain BrewDog ended up selling its beers in Aldi after the firm pointed out Aldi’s ‘Anti-Establishment’ beer product was mimicking BrewDog’s products.

Aldi’s rival Lidl were earlier this year told they must scrap its Lindt-like chocolate bunnies after losing a legal battle in a Swiss court.

The court found Lindt & Spruengli’s foil-wrapped chocolate bunnies deserve protection from copycat products.

Germany’s federal court ruled last year that the gold tone of its foil-wrapped Easter bunny had trademark protection.