Huge Wetherspoons pub on the market for less money than a tiny London flat

A number of Wetherspoons pubs are up for sale at the same price or less than some London flats – despite being up to 32 times the size.

Two pubs, one in Wrexham city centre and the other in Worcester are on the market for £450,000, but if they were in Central London, they would cost around £15 million.

Despite their price similarity to some of London’s smaller flats, both The North and South Wales Bank and The Postal Order pubs could fit around 32 of these flats inside them.

When comparing properties in London with these pub sites, the contrast is stark.

For example, one studio flat in central London’s Gloucester Street with stucco-fronting and a mezzanine sleeping area has a floor area of just 334 square feet is also on sale for £450,000.

It would fit into the Wrexham Wetherspoons, which is three storeys, has a commercial kitchen, bar and offices, and is 8,696 square foot, 26 times.

Another property in an apartment complex overlooking the Thames is so small that the bed has to be folded into the wall – but the asking price is a staggering £475,000, despite the fact it is 32 times smaller than the Wrexham pub and 27 times smaller than the Worcester branch.

These stark comparisons show the huge property priced disparity between London and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Wetherspoons are set to sell more than 30 of their sites across the country amid the rising cost of staff and spiralling revenue repairs, after announcing that it could face more than £30 million in losses this year.